“Depression is the origin of my inspiration.”

“Depression is the origin of my inspiration.”



Exhibition Municipal Gallery



TYPE: Mural.
TECHNIQUE:  Digital Paint + Augmented Reality.
MEDIUM: Mural & Canvas.

YEAR: 2023.

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“Depression is the origin of my inspiration.”

Mood / My tears can be rain, I will water the ground where I stand so the trees can grow back again.

Banshee’s “Depression is the origin of my inspiration” is a visual and emotional exploration of depression and its impact on daily life and creativity. Through a combination of mixed media and an evocative color palette, Banshee depicts the emotional highs and lows experienced by a person suffering from depression.

The title of the work speaks to the importance of finding inspiration and renewal even in life’s darkest moments.

Banshee uses her art as a way to bring visibility to mental health issues, but also as a way to connect with others who may be experiencing the same thing.

Banshee’s work also has an important message about the social, climate and mental issues facing our society.

It highlights the importance of preserving our planet and natural resources, and not sacrificing the future of the next generations.

In this sense, Banshee uses her art as a way to raise awareness about these issues, and as a way to inspire others to take action to protect our world and our mental health.

Through her work Banshee reminds us that art is not only a form of expression, but also a powerful way to address social and global issues, and how art can be an effective tool to raise awareness.



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Augmented Reality, Digital Paint