Stripping brands of their functional utility, aspirational status and social distinction…Only nostalgia and memories, sensations and moments remain.

Reflect on the impact of consumerism in modern society. Which brands would we choose if their monetary value and impact were the same for all?

“Pleasures” does not seek to condemn the act of consumption, but rather to invite critical reflection on our choices as consumers.

By imagining a scenario in which brands are equated in terms of value and consequences, the viewer is confronted with the very essence of what truly appeals and satisfies beyond their economic, social or environmental influence.

Which brands genuinely appeal to us for the sheer pleasure of experiencing them, smelling them, feeling nostalgic for a moment, having flashbacks, remembering people, even tastes. In doing so, the complex intersections between art, consumerism and our identity in contemporary society emerge.

This collection of limited edition artwork by Banshee.

Pleasures is authenticated on OBJKT Gallery + Tezos Blockchain.