PIXEL REALITY COLLECTIVE ART EXHIBITION Collective exhibition As part of the Art Open San Felipe festival, Pixel reality is an immersive AR and NFT art experience. “Absence 4” The young Banshee watches his departure from a distance. by Banshee OPEN SAN FELIPE AR & NFT ART EXHIBITION + INFO OPENING / 4-7 MAY 2023 ESTUDIO 74 Bogotá, Colombia Barrio san felipe Calle 74a # 20c - 75. Estudio 74, Bogotá - Colombia.

LET´S VAMOS INTERCULTURAL MOVEMENT IN WEB3 COOLAB ``Lets vamos`` is a movement that seeks to celebrate and promote Latino culture on Web3. The first edition of ``Let´s vamos`` brings together artists from around the world to create a collection of artwork inspired by Latino cultures. “Spirits Among Us” MEXICAN MYTHOLOGY Death is the destiny of our life, every day when we wake up, every minute,

AUGMENTED REALITY ART Art festival UAQ I was invited to exhibit my work at an art and innovation festival, I made a special Augmented Reality artwork for the festival and exhibited "The colour of my time". https://youtu.be/vt73AKy30KY?si=IFNfz0nHolr-j3g5 ART & INNOVATION FESTIVAL DETONA FEST + INFO OPENING / 19 OCT 10:00AM Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro Hidalgo Poniente S/N C.U, Hidalgo, Las Campanas, 76017 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.

DREAMLAND CIRCUS NIFTY GATEWAY COOLAB This Collection has been inspired by the Joy, Tragedy and Satire of a Circus. The Fabulous Four - Mina Power, Banshee, Tuco & Jennika - enter the incredible world of the Circus to give us their own vision: Dreamland Circus. In this Collection, these Four Works speak of different aspects of the surreal Spectacle that is Life. In

Art & Augmented Reality & Cocktail. SOLO EXHIBITION ART LIKE A CURE Fusing art and technology, vibrant colors, pop art, neo-expressionism and augmented reality Banshee experiences what´s inside each concept combining contemporary art with augmented reality to communicate different emotions beyond the canvas, creating immersive virtual experiences in each artwork https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymrSZqAB_nw "THE COLOR OF MY TIME" SOLO EXHIBITION + INFO OPENING / 17 Dic 2022 – 16 Ene

INTERVENTION TILES PANOT X BANSHEE COOLAB Inspired by the most representative paving tiles that are found on the streets of Catalunya. Intervention tiles. Keep your feet on the ground. That's what it's all about Panot.A unique expression piece made for the floor of your Metaverse. “MAKE ART NO WAR” This piece fuses art and technology through augmented reality heads see the different dimensions of the

“ESTA 60” 60 DAYS / 18 Artists / F.P. 60 ETH One of the most notorious phenomena of contemporary art is the attempt by artists to generate movements that go against the canons established by experts, curators, & gallery owners of their era. These movements manifest themselves through new artistic works with the objective of demystifying traditional art & pushing new perspectives